Get LIVE Reviews On Your Website
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Get "LIVE" Reviews On Your Website

How it Works:

1-Add Your URL

2-Paste the Code on Your Pages

Simple code displays random feedback with every page load. Reviews and Feedback create "Trust" with your users. And we only show "4 Star Plus" Reviews on your Site.

3-Give the Feedback Link
to Your Users

You can include it in your emails, put it on Shopping Cart Finish Pages, or Right on Your Site.
Respond to your feedback or delete unwanted reviews.

You can use our service as a Live Review or Feedback service, a comment page, or just a way for your customers to let you know how they feel about your site, service or products. Having reviews gives your site "credibility". Think about how you rely upon customer feedback when you make decisions about purchases you make online. I don't buy anything before I purchase something. It's really easy to add to your site. Just follow the instructions above.

Get 'Live' Reviews on Your Site
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