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RV Share Complaints, Reviews and Feedback from Owners / Hosts:

No "Real" Reviews on RVShare.com

At WebWatch.info you can read about horror stories from RVShare.com Owners and Renters.
Read real Complaints and Reviewsfrom Hosts and Guests.. You will not see the negative or "Bad" reviews from Owners on RVShare. In fact, you won't see listings with very much negative feedback at all. The search algorithm just hides or eliminates these "Bad" listings.
Peoplw think that if a site is successful that it must be 'OK'. So, most people don't even read the terms. And if they do, they don't understand them. These RVShare services are including "Insurance" with the program. You as an owner or a renter need to understand very clearly: The insurance company only makes a profit if they never have any claims. The "Fine Print" in the contract pretty much releases them from any liability for a miriad of reasons. One provider requires that your RV have an safety inspection and be pass that inspection. If you don't have evidence of this inspection by a certified RV mechanic, you don't have coverage. They also require that the tires be inspected by a licensed tire dealer before every trip... every trip! If they aren't inspected, you don't have any coverage... Many people have lost their entire life savings due to wrongful death law suites handled by "Personal Injury Attorneys" that know the law inside and out. These people are unscrupulous ambulance chasers that do not care about you.
You will not see these reviews and stories on any of these sites. They don't have any accomodations for owner feedback. And these people are no longer members of these sites anyway. This is the only place you are going to find this kind of information.

RV Share Complaints, Reviews and Feedback from Guests or Renters:

Don't Trust the Reviews

There are serious maintenance issues involved in RV rental. The age and condition of the tires is the most important issue. If you are going to rent from one of these sites, you MUST ask the owner the age and mileage of the tires. Anything older than 4 years is going to be a rolling death trap. This is no joke. Then we have propane, electrical, mechanical and more. Did you know that, if your RV breaks down on the road and it's not repairable within a timely manner, that you will be responsible at your own expense, to get back home... taxis, air fare, hotels... you're on your own.

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