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Bad Reviews and Feedback for Home Owners / Hosts:

No "Real" Reviews on

At you can read about horror stories from AirBnB Home Owners and Renters.
Read real Complaints and Reviewsfrom Hosts and Guests.. You will not see the negative or "Bad" reviews from Owners on AirBnB. In fact, you won't see listings with very much negative feedback at all. The search algorithm just hides or eliminates these "Bad" listings.
When you search listings to determine whether you could make money renting or listing your home on AirBnB or any vacation rental website, you need to make sure the listings you are looking at are "Real" listings. Many of these sites use "Seed" listings to create the illusion of success or prosperity. Try to send these owners a note. Ask "Real" questions and see if you get honest answers. If your being responded to by a company rep, the answers will inevitably be vague and illusive. Are they "Real" listings.

Don't Trust AirBnB

If you are going to list your property on any vacation rental website, you need to describe in excruciating detail every aspect of the property. "Professional AriBnB'ers" have learned to "work the system". They know if they complain to AirBnB they are going to get a refund. With a detailed description, you leave nothing to chance. My own experience included a situation where I listed wifi for $10 a day from xFinity and since it was included under "amenities" AirBnB concluded that it should be a Free amenity as is the stove and fridge.

After 13 days of going through arbitration,

which was extended because of AirBnB's slow response, AirBnB decided to give the "Guest" a 50% refund on the rent for 13 days ($350) and I was also forced to install a new wifi service with a 1 year commitment ($420). An almost $800 expense from a $1600 month long reservation. If I didn't give them the wifi they demanded AirBnB was going to relocate them and give them a full refund. We also recommend requiring guests to sign a separate contract on arrival. You must note this in your listing. Have you seen AirBnB's contract with guests? If you can find it, it's not very comprehensive. AirBnB always sides with the guest. After all, you're a home owner. You must be rich! Do NOT Trust AirBnB.

Charge a Large Security Deposit

The security deposit is 100% refundable. $500 or $1000 is not unreasonable for a place you have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in. It's really easy for a guest to do $500 of damage to your property. If you've only charged them $100 for a deposit, they won't have a problem walking away from the deposit for a fun night a trashing your property. 10% of the population are psychopaths.

This means 1 in 10 of your guests will be home wreckers

The Bad Experience.

Many, many people have had a AirBnB bad experience. You don't ever hear about it because: they have been removed from the site or they removed themselves. You will never hear about it. As soon as you list your property, AirBnB will start sending you recommendations which will include: lowering your price, updating your pictures and more. You've probably set your price based on a comparison search you performed on their site. You might have set your prices lower than your competitors as you noticed tht their prices seemed high any way. Now AirBnB wants you to lower your price... a lot!!! like 25% of what you were asking... 25%??? How is this possible, you ask?? It wouldn't even be worth the effort at that price. You ask yourself: "How are these other people getting so much?" Are you sure these "Other People" even exist? How can you be sure?

Don't Be a Subject of Guest Extortion.

Many hosts are so concerned about getting negative feedback that they bend over backward to make their guests happy. To a degree this is ok. The problem is, when you have a "Professional AirBnB'er" they know they can threaten you with negative feedback and they can get whatever they want. "I need a new comforter" ($75), "We need a blender" ($50), "We need to smoke and drink inside" ($). If you are going to lose money, it's not worth it. Just take the bad review.

AirBnB Bad Reviews and Feedback for Guests or Renters:

Don't Trust the Reviews

The biggest complaint I hear is that "You can't trust the reviews". And apparently, AirBnB is removing the bad reviews so they can get more business. Then people wonder "Why aren't people leaving honest reviews?", "Are they afraid to offend someone?". So, what's a person to do?... we can only offer the 'real' unbiased, unfiltered, reviews from renters here for you. You can search for a Hosts name using the Advanced Search and you'll get all sorts of information that you won't find on AirBnB.

Ask Questions. Don't Assume Anything

It's really easy to be deceptive with pictures and photographs. Besides the obvious "Photoshop Fix", a Host can easily leave out to "Bad" parts of a property in their pictures. In fact, if there seams to be something missing, or that property lay out just isn't clearly evidenced in the photo's... move on. Don't bother.


You can't sample the air with pictures. And there's no way around but to stick your nose in and sniff. The haven't invented Smell-O-Vision. You're absolutely left to the discretion of the owner / host. They may have a very different definition of "Smelly". Everything may be perfect in an almost divine way. But, what's that god awefull smell and where's it coming from. This is why we are offering "Real Bad Reviews". Please check reviews from Really Renters / Guests and make sure your vacation rental is what they say it is. Seal of Authenticity, Ratings and Approval

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