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The Truth About Web Site Hosting Companies.

Reviews and Feedback for Web Hosts:


They Aren't What They Say They Are

My personal experience is very disconcerting and it cost me thousands of dollars. HostGator offers a plan that they advertise as "Unlimited storage and band width". What they don't tell you is, if you use too much they will cut you off. What they did to me was, they disabled the C Compiler on the server so I was unable to install perl modules. I was apparently the only user on this server so it was easy for them to do. They literature clearly states that "Self install of modules IS allowed". This rendered my site useless. I had to move my entire site. This took months of trial and error researching other hosts. I finally decided on InMotion hosting and it's actually been a great experience. I had been a customer at HGator for about 15 years. And they just force me out. Then we can discuss tech support at HostGator: I'm pretty sure they are contracting this to an Indian company as no one speaks very good english. My recommendation: Stay away from HostGator.


Really Silly

The biggest problem with GoDaddy is the web interface. As an experience internet user, even I found it difficult to navigate and find where I need to get to. Tech support is impossible: rude and un caring. The other encounter I had was, I had a company the extorted one of my domains by filing a federal law suite against me claiming I was attempting to steal their name. When GoDaddy learned of the suite, they locked my domain making it impossible for me to manage it in any way. I was finally required to settle out of court by handing over the domain to the plaintiff. I recommend you stay away from GoDaddy.

How to choose a host

Most all hosts offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Use this time to test the site. If for instance, you need perl modules, install as many as you need and make sure the version of perl is what you need for your modules. If you are using highly specialized modules, install and test them. You may need to try out several hosts before you find the right one. What works for me might not be right for you.

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